People Hate & Fear the TRUTH the Most



In light of recent online social media events pertaining to the infamous Instagram Muslim Influencer couple Hasanat and Umm Abdullah AND his OTHER wife Sister Sarah (us Muslims have more drama then Eastenders) and very recent truth revealing events in my own personal life, I’ve been thinking about truth and lies a lot. Racking my brain in fact. Why do people lie? And why do they lie so much online?

We know what’s right and wrong, we’ve been taught it since we were little kids by our parents and teachers. Lying is wrong, lying is bad we all know the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and the consequences of lying, we teach it to our own children. Yet, as adults and the pull of social media people are making up whole false identities online.

I’m sure this Instagram couple didn’t start out lying like this but the seduction…

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