Online Fraud


What I’ve learnt, What YOU can do

Hi all, another IMPORTANT blog. I was watching some well-known Youtubers/entrepreneursaddressing the online fraud that was happening on their channels & how it’s affecting them & what steps you can take to deal with it.

Wherever you are online, whether you’re a business or just using social media there’s always fraudsters and criminals every step of the way, it’s the anonymity or the “perceived” anonymity & the ease of use. I’ve learnt about a lot of fraudulent & criminal tactics through investigation (call me Columbo) & I’m sharing it with you (and the authorities).

1/ Not everyone claiming they want to help is trying to help you and not everyone who is presenting you with an opportunity is giving you an opportunity, they may be ‘opportunists’ but it’s not always an opportunity, fraudsters use the same language as legitimate people otherwise their scams…

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