People Hate & Fear the TRUTH the Most

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In light of recent online social media events pertaining to the infamous Instagram Muslim Influencer couple Hasanat and Umm Abdullah AND his OTHER wife Sister Sarah (us Muslims have more drama then Eastenders) and very recent truth revealing events in my own personal life, I’ve been thinking about truth and lies a lot. Racking my brain in fact. Why do people lie? And why do they lie so much online? We know what’s right and wrong, we’ve been taught it since we were little kids by our parents and teachers. Lying is wrong, lying is bad… Continue reading People Hate & Fear the TRUTH the Most

Sheep or shepherd

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For any society to survive it’s important to have a strong military but military depends on economy and economy most definitely depends on the political stabilisation of a country and the political stabilisation can never exist without law & order. The law and order stands for one thing; one thing alone; Justice. So what does any of it has to do with writer? Everything !A writer’s job is a never ending job, a writer is there not only to write but to spark curiosity and open people’s mind. To inspire them to the point where… Continue reading Sheep or shepherd


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It’s always your loved ones who hurt you the most, who trick you first– who break promises and leave you alone.. betray you in the most unimaginable way possible.But every time they do, you become more experienced in life. Every time they take a step back in their spiritual life you are obliged to help them to take a step forward, that’s how it’s suppose to be. That’s how it will be.Because each and every minute they strike you from behind, you become more stronger from inside even if your heart bleeds you move on… Continue reading Trust


 صلى الله عليه وسلم  Strength..what comes in your mind when you hear the word strength?Someone who is physically strong? Someone who is capable of bringing down any strong person with their fist? Someone who can break or make things with their hands? What’s strength to you? Sometimes, the only strength you have is to endure everything–to endure all kind of external or internal pressure of environment, of people and still smile. That’s strength. To forgive when you have been wronged, to ask for forgiveness when you are wrong and to connect with people even when they disconnect you from their … Continue reading Strength


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A few years back, i read this book called “sapce and time” by Khawaja Shams ud din Azeemi.What did i understand from it is another story but there were few words which left their marks on my mind. For example, how he explained that everything has it’s own space and according to that space, every place has it’s own requirements and tendencies. Like emotions of pain, fear, stress, anxiety belongs to the space of our present life but when we go to heaven, the space changes and such emotions doesn’t exist there.My father and someone… Continue reading Space

An Attitude for Gratitude

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As we enter the New Year of the Gregorian calendar, like each year before it everyone wants a fresh and new start. It’s a brand new slate for us to write our hopes, dreams and aspirations we have for the year on. We have momentum at the beginning of the year and then it fades. We all know the feeling. But one mindset I believe we all need to have more of in 2019 is one of more Gratitude, especially myself. What is Gratitude and How does it Benefit us? Gratitude: The quality of being thankful;… Continue reading An Attitude for Gratitude